Transportation Projects

Project Area
Terminal 6 Container Crane Modernizations
Terminal 6 Crane Drive Electronics
T6 Crane Drives for Cranes 6380 and 6381
Barnes to Terminal 4 Rail
Rivergate ITS
Auto Import /Export Expansion
Marine Drive ITS Improvement
Columbia River Mouth Jetty Refurbishment
Time Oil Road Reconstruction
Rivergate Boulevard Overcrossing
T4 Pier 1 Tracks 704-709
T4 Berth 410, 411 Rail Yard Improvements
T4 Second Entrance
Terminal 4 Pier 1 Site Preparation

Project Area
Alderwood and Columbia PDX/PIC Blvd. Intersection
Cully Blvd. and Columbia Blvd. Intersection
PDX Northside Redevelopment
PIC Ped/Bike Network
82nd Ave./Airport Way Grade Separation
Cornfoot Road Multimodal Safety Improvements

Project Area
Swigert Way Extension
Graham Road
TTD Reconstruct runway 7- 25
40 Mile Loop Trail: Blue Lake Park to Sundial Rd.
Sundial Road Improvements
Reynolds Site Road Access Phase 3

Project Area
Terminal 2 Crane Upgrades
PSU ITS Expansion
Terminal 2 Yard and Rail Improvement
Dredge Oregon Pipe, Scows and Pontoons
New Dredge Tender
T2 Crane Drives and Cabs for Cranes 2371 and 2372
Dredge Oregon Support Equipment

Project Area
HIO Relocate Charlie Pattern Landing Site
HIO Relocate Taxiway AA