PDXNext is the name we’ve given to a series of large construction projects that will make the airport better for travelers, airlines, and employees. These projects will allow PDX to modernize infrastructure, enhance seismic resiliency, and meet the growing needs of the airlines and people using the airport.

Completed Projects
Completed November 2015

Carpet provides a comfortable, quiet travel experience; the existing carpeting was worn and the design was nearly 30 years old. The modernized design of the new carpet represents images of flight, nature and structures found in the Pacific Northwest and in and around the airport. Recycling and reuse of old carpet helped keep it out of the landfill.

Project partners included:

  • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP of Portland, Ore.; conceptual pattern of new design
  • Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. of Portland, Ore.; final product development, logistics and construction support
  • Emerick Construction Co., Happy Valley, Ore.; general contractor
  • Rubenstein’s, Portland, Ore.; carpet purchase and installation
  • J+J Flooring Solutions, Dalton, Ga.; carpet fabrication (for most of the carpet)

The project budget, including all construction was about $13 million, primarily funded by airlines serving PDX.

Completed November 2017

The new businesses opening at PDX between now and November 2017 are part of a three-year airport concessions redevelopment designed to continue bringing PDX travelers new food, beverage and retail choices.

A budget of $19.8 million is established for infrastructure improvements, new storefronts and concessions wayfinding signs for the new businesses, funded by airlines serving PDX. Each shop and restaurant will fund its own facility improvements. Revenues raised by PDX concessions are returned to airlines to offset their cost of operating at PDX, promoting stable and expanded air service, and numerous flight, shop, restaurant and service options for PDX travelers. PDX offers more than 65 locations to shop and dine.

Completed January 2016

The remodeled Federal Inspection Station provides passengers with improved comfort and efficiency and provides a more welcoming environment for those arriving from international destinations.

The project opened up floor space, improved lighting, installed new carpet, refreshed painted walls, and added wall graphics. Upgrades include new informational video monitors displaying state tourism destinations, and the installation of Wi-Fi. The total project budget was $940,000, funded by airlines serving PDX.

Two new canopies were installed to keep international travelers dry when boarding buses from the Federal Inspection Station to the baggage claim area.

Completed December 2016

To enhance security and comfort, a complete replacement of the PDX security access control system is underway, and relocating and expanding both north and south security checkpoint exit lanes is planned along with new passenger waiting areas.

The access control system upgrade will include replacement of locking systems on airport security doorways, new airfield gates and airfield check stations, as well as a new training facility for teaching airport workers about safety and security requirements.

The new, wider exit lanes at security checkpoints will feature doors that automatically lock out anyone entering the exit lane in the wrong direction. Comfort will improve for those waiting for arriving passengers with the development of two new waiting areas.

The total project budget for all improvements is $57 million, shared between the Port and airlines serving PDX.

Now-December 2016

To increase passenger comfort, replacement is planned for the Concourse D heating and air conditioning system serving gates D10-15, and the Federal Inspection Station and security checkpoint. The project will also modify skylights to reduce incoming heat. The entire project budget is $13 million, funded by airlines serving PDX.

Ongoing Projects
Now to February 2018

The Quick Turn Around (QTA) project is one of two large ground transportation projects in the PDXNext program. This new rental car ready-return facility will expand rental car processing operations, addressing business needs now and into the future.

The existing Quick Turn Around facility can process 100 cars per hour. When the new facility is complete, it will be able to process 240 cars per hour and provide nearly three times the space for rental car processing, meeting 100 percent of the forecasted PDX rental car industry needs until approximately 2035.

Project partners include:

  • Mackenzie Engineering, Inc. of Portland, Ore. for Design;
  • Hoffman Construction Company of portland, Ore. for construction

The total project budget is $67 million, funded by revenues derived from rental car customer facility charges.

Now to middle of 2020

Efforts are underway to balance the number of passengers using the north and south sides of the airport in order to increase the efficiency of airport operations, prolong the longevity of existing terminal facilities, and increase the level of service for passengers.

Currently, the largest two air carriers at PDX—Alaska Air Group and Southwest Airlines—are located on the south side of the airport terminal building, and two-thirds of PDX passengers are using the south side of the terminal. To better balance passengers between the north and south concourses, Southwest Airlines will move from Concourse C to Concourse E.

The project will extend Concourse E by about 830 feet, and construct 6 new gates. Construction activities will be designed to minimize impacts on travelers and airport tenants. The entire project budget is $215 million, funded primarily by airlines serving PDX.

Project partners include:

  • Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. of Portland, Ore.; design
  • Skanska USA of Portland, Ore.; construction management and general contractor
Now to middle of 2021

More parking and more space for rental car operations is needed alongside the airport’s continued passenger growth. This new public parking and rental car building provides facilities adjacent to the terminal for passenger convenience.

Currently only 80% of the rental car operations are on-airport, the remainder are at off-airport locations. This facility will allow for 100% of the rental car operations to be on-airport. Having an easy and convenient rental car pick up is important to travelers; 70% of current PDX rental car users say that the close-in location plays a great deal of influence in their decision to rent a car at PDX. Once this project is complete, it will meet the forecasted rental car space need projections through 2045.

Project partners include:

  • JE Dunn Construction of Portland, Ore. for design and construction;

The project budget is $268 million, funded by 30-year revenue bonds, which will be repaid from revenues derived from public parking, rental car and ground transportation operations at the airport.

Now to 2023

Planning is underway for a comprehensive terminal core redevelopment at PDX. The terminal core includes the existing ticket lobby, Clocktower Plaza, security checkpoints and baggage claim area. The Terminal Core Redevelopment program is a modernization of the heart of PDX, necessary to ensure sufficient capacity for future passenger demand, upgrade seismic resiliency, and replace aging systems and infrastructure.

The project budget for phase I is $950 million, funded primarliy by airlines serving PDX.

Project partners to date include:

  • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP of Portland, Ore. for design;
  • Turner Construction of Portland, Ore for construction support.
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