Port of Portland

Portland International Airport Noise Compatibility Study

Overview and Current Status

The Portland International Airport Noise Compatibility Study (Part 150 Study) is part of the Port of Portland's ongoing effort to reduce aircraft noise impacts while operating a vital international airport and regional asset in our growing metropolitan community.

The goal of the Part 150 program is to identify and evaluate measures that will aid in reducing aircraft noise impacts to residential communities and other noise-sensitive areas. The Port had tremendous participation in this effort by airport stakeholders – including the airlines and pilots – business and environmental groups, as well as surrounding community members, when the Noise Compatibility Program was in developmental stages. The original Part 150 study was completed in 1983. Since that time, the study has been updated four times to stay current with changing conditions and to capitalize on regulatory and technological changes.

Update – July 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration has accepted updated noise exposure maps (2009 and 2017) for Portland International Airport.

In 2008, the Port of Portland completed an environmental assessment as part of the Runway Rehabilitation and Repair Project. The noise analysis, completed as part of the assessment, revealed a reduction in the size of the noise contours when compared to those in the existing noise compatibility study.

Under Part 150 of the federal regulations, airports must update their Part 150 noise exposure maps when a change in operations results in a significant change in noise exposure over areas that are categorized as non-compatible with aircraft noise. As part of its commitment to the community, the Port requested – and the FAA approved – updating the maps while retaining current compatibility program elements. The required map updates were completed in consultation with interested parties in the community, government agencies and airport users.

The PDX Part 150 study, including the noise exposure maps and noise compatibility program, are available for review below.

For more information about the PDX Part 150 Study, aircraft noise impacts or flight operations, please contact the Noise Management Department at 503.460.4100 or 800.938.6647.