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The Columbia River forecast provides a six-day prediction of the Columbia River's navigation channel depth based on weather forecasts and tide tables. The results of the forecast can be impacted by actual weather conditions. This online planning tool incorporates the estimated vessel speed for calculating the estimated arrival time. River forecast data and tide levels are used to estimate the depth at various gauge points along the river.

When planning river transit, ship squat must be taken into consideration. This planning tool is not recommended for actual river navigation and is only intended to give an estimate of future channel conditions.

The Columbia River Navigation Channel is maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers to 43 feet. Current available channel depth will vary from the authorized level and local conditions must be taken into consideration for any actual river transit. Please consult the Pilots for any specific deep-draft sailing requirements.

For more information on Columbia River navigation, please visit one of the following sites:

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Note: Forecasts are provided in cooperation with the NW River Forecast Center.