Since 1891, the Port of Portland has played an important role in Oregon’s relationship to the world. Today, we bring the wonder of connections into your classroom!

Based on common core standards, students engage in social studies and science-based activities specific to their grade level.

  • Where in the World
    Designed for grades 3 to 4

    This exciting educational program teaches students about the significance of international trade, as well as the role the Port plays in transporting people and shipping products between places all over the globe.

    Students identify continents using maps; identify Oregon’s natural resources; identify key industries of Oregon.

    Duration: 60 min.
    Cost: Free

  • Science of Travel and Trade
    Designed for grades 5 to 8

    These science-based lessons bring the wonder of flight to your classroom. Lessons include a quick history of the Port and fun facts about aviation travel through Portland International Airport.

    Students make observations and measurements to identify materials based on their properties; generate and compare possible solutions based on meeting specific criteria.

    Duration: 60 min.
    Cost: Free

Activities are interactive, fun and bring the important impacts of trade and transportation to life. Although lessons are an hour long, presentations can be tailored to your classroom needs.

To learn more, or to schedule a presentation, email our education outreach team at