Map of Port of Portland Headquaters Building

Port of Portland Headquarters Building - Directions and Map

Street Address:
7200 N.E. Airport Way
Portland, OR 97218

Port of Portland Headquarters Guests:
We look forward to your visit and want your trip to our Port headquarters building to be as easy as possible.

The first floor lobby elevators operate from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and the reception desk on the 8th floor is open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Given the busy Portland International Airport environment, here are a few tips for your visit:

Directions from Downtown Portland
  • Please allow 35 minutes to drive to Portland International Airport from downtown Portland.
  • Take I-84 East to I-205 North.
  • Exit onto I-205 North.
  • Take Airport Way West exit.
  • Park in the new long-term parking garage and take your parking ticket with you.*
  • Follow Airport Way toward the PDX control tower and follow the long-term parking garage signs.
  • Take the elevator on the east end of the garage marked “Port Offices” to the 1st floor lobby and follow the signs to the elevators for the Port offices and go to the 8th floor.

*If the long-term parking garage is full, you may park on the east side of the short-term parking garage and cross the walkway to the long-term garage and take the east elevators - closest to the control tower - to the 1st floor lobby and transfer to the headquarters building elevator, taking the elevator to the 8th floor lobby. The long-term garage is clearly marked over the walkways.

Parking Validation
Take your parking ticket with you and ask your meeting organizer if parking will be validated.

Take your ticket to the 8th floor lobby receptionist to validate your ticket. If your ticket cannot be validated there are ticket payment machines in the parking garage.

Validation permitted
Guests of Port staff who are meeting for a business purpose
Individuals taking a headquarters tour

Validation not permitted
  • Port tenants
  • Port employees including temporary staff and interns
  • Port contractors

Directions from the Portland International Airport Terminal
Take the escalators down from the north end of the ticket counter level – between the Delta Air Lines counter and the United Airlines counter – to the baggage claim level. Follow the signs to the Port offices, taking the escalators down again, and proceed to the end of the tunnel. Turn right and go straight ahead, through the double glass doors. The elevators are to the left. Take the elevator to the 8th floor.

Directions from the MAX Airport Station to Port of Portland Headquarters
After exiting the MAX train, walk towards the terminal building and enter via the ground floor doors. Continue north towards the opposite end of the baggage claim area. Take the second set of escalators down to the tunnel level and proceed to the end of the tunnel. Turn right and go straight ahead, through double glass doors. The elevators are to the left. Take the elevator to the 8th floor reception area.

Electric vehicle charging
Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations are located on the fourth floor of the short-term parking garage near the south skybridge that connects to the airport terminal buildings.

Accessing Port of Portland Headquarters by Bike
Public bike parking is available at the PDX Terminal Building building which can be accessed by following the multi-use path to the terminal. See directions above for accessing Port of Portland Headquarters via the terminal building. Visit Bike Resources for more information and a map of PDX bike facilities.

Map of PDX Building