We're not what you'd expect.
When crime happens in East Multnomah County, you call…the Port of Portland Police? It’s true – officers like Rema Gossman don’t just respond to crimes at the airport, they often team up with other law enforcement agencies to solve complex cases. Of course, it’s not all catching bad guys. Policing at an airport also means helping local and international travelers get where they’re going with safety in mind. And that's just one of the many unexpected jobs you'll find at the Port of Portland.
We're not what you'd expect.
Mess up your rental on an Oregon adventure? Thanks to Glen Moe and his ability to bring a vision to life, vehicles can easily return to pristine shape. Innovation often requires construction, and Glen has helped bring new technology to the PDX Quick Turnaround Facility – which centralizes rental operations and uses recycled water for cleaning – passenger exit lanes and airplane loading bridges. And that's just one of the many unexpected jobs you'll find at the Port of Portland.
Relationship Guru
We're not what you'd expect.
When someone tags your windshield, it’s often with a parking ticket. But for April Murchinson, adding more than 1,000 radio frequency ID tags to windshields ensures airport transportation is there when you need it. From trip tracking and analysis to working with a diverse network of people representing for-hire vehicles and ride-sharing services, April constantly creates connections to better serve customers. And that's just one of the many unexpected jobs you'll find at the Port of Portland.
Digital Alchemist
We're not what you'd expect.
Government isn't typically known for being nimble. But for technology experts like Ray Terrill, the Port's emphasis on efficiency required a dramatic shift to Agile development. Be it solving complex data problems with SQL, building cloud-based solutions in Azure or fostering collaboration with SharePoint, constantly evolving tools give Ray a dynamic position in which to work his alchemy. And that's just one of the many unexpected jobs you'll find at the Port of Portland.
We're not what you'd expect.
When you think of airports, you don’t usually think of world class cuisine. But thanks to concessions expert Abby Carey, the best dishes in Portland have landed at the best airport in the United States. From Country Cat, Kenny & Zuke’s to Stumptown, it’s Abby’s job to recruit restaurants that tempt travelers’ taste buds and bring new possibilities to their palates. And that’s just one of the many unexpected jobs you’ll find at the Port of Portland.
Expect Purpose
"Innovative, forward-thinking and modern aren’t usually words that spring to mind when you think of government. But here at the Port, we’re challenging assumptions every day. From our people to our building to the work that we do, we’re definitely not what you’d expect."
Curtis Robinhold, Executive Director
"From travelers to tenants, airlines to shipping lines, our customers are the reason I come to work. They make my job interesting, fun, challenging, complicated... and important."
Joshua Nichols, Airport Operations
"Whether it's a street fair, parade, fun run or tree planting, we love getting out there in the community and making a difference."
Julia Weisenbach, Legal
"I’m proud of the efforts we make to consider the values of our community. To me, being a part of the Port means being a part of something positive — something that truly makes a difference in people’s lives and businesses.”
George Ortega, Port Police
"I’m proud that we support the growth of disadvantaged, minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small businesses that are qualified to do the work, but need a bit of help to gain the solid foundation needed to thrive in this competitive environment."
Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips, Small Business Development
Portland: who we are is right there in our name. And by sky, by land or by water, we connect the world’s enterprising minds with the trailblazing businesses of the Pacific Northwest. Join us.
Expect Growth
"Around here, I never stop learning. There are always lunch and Learns, classes and seminars ranging from sustainability to smoking cessation to supporting women in the workplace."
Isaac Barrow, Real Estate
"Recognizing and appreciating each other is a big part of working together. Our recognition program lets us celebrate success, social media style, while reaping rewards like gift cards and travel."
Chip Polito, Human Resources
"Firefighter, wildlife technician, engineer... the career paths are endless and the challenges give students the chance to gain real-world skills."
Sabin Maharjan, Digital Communications and former intern
"I believe leadership is about generating enthusiasm, commitment and good communication. That’s the type of workplace we have here at the Port — ideas are exciting, projects are exceptional and people are empowered."
Curtis Robinhold, Executive Administration
Looking for challenging work on a global level? From Terminal 6 to the Portland International Airport, you’ll work in a diverse and fascinating territory, and play a vital role in enhancing our region’s quality of life.
Expect Balance
"Whether it’s soccer, basketball, the run/walk group, golf or bowling, there’s nothing like a little peer pressure — folks expecting you to show up — to get you to set aside the time for fun and exercise."
Sim Ogle, GIS
"Many of us focus on our personal health — eating right, making time to exercise and reducing stress. Having a fitness center on-site works with my schedule and helps me get work done with a clear mind and calm body."
Elisa Licon, Distribution
"Our PDX bicycle master plan was the first in the nation specific to a commercial airport, so it’s not surprising that many of us take the opportunity to bike to work — active transportation is close to our hearts."
John Bravard, Engineering
"The Port has the basics covered — health insurance, retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement — and then goes above and beyond. Physically, emotionally, financially and socially, we’re valued and our benefits prove it."
Devon Webster, Aviation Planning & Development
Designed by award-winning architects, our LEED Platinum headquarters goes beyond sustainability with a Living Machine, geothermal heating and cooling and abundant natural light. But it’s the people that give it spirit.
Career Opportunities
Advertising at PDX
The Port of Portland offers competitive benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance; personal time off; life and disability insurance; employee assistance program; retirement savings; tuition assistance; subsidized TriMet passes; wellness incentives and much more.

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