Public Notice

May 25, 2018

The Port of Portland Police Department has in its physical possession the unclaimed personal property described below. If you have any ownership interest in any of that unclaimed property, you must file a claim with the Port of Portland Police Department within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice, or you will lose your interest in that property. Sufficient information regarding the details of the property to establish, with reasonable certainly, that the person claiming the property is the owner must be presented.

  • Miscellaneous bicycles
  • Miscellaneous electronic devices
  • Miscellaneous music CD’s
  • Tools
  • Jewelry items
  • Miscellaneous Backpacks
  • Various suitcases, duffel bags and gym bags
  • Money (must be specific in time lost/amount, etc.)
  • Auto accessories
  • Miscellaneous musical instruments
  • Miscellaneous handbags, briefcases and wallet accessories
  • Various items of apparel (clothing, outer-wear, shoes)
  • Books
  • Keys

Please contact:
Port of Portland Police Department-Property Division
Mailing address:
7000 NE Airport Way, Ste. 3109
Portland, OR 97218

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