Art of Trade

Explore Portland’s working waterfront through artwork at The Art of Trade. Opening in the heart of the Pearl District on August 6, The Art of Trade showcase brings art and industry together in a juried exhibition that celebrates life along the Columbia and Willamette rivers, and the people and industries working on our waterfront.

Support the future of Oregon’s working waterfront by bringing artwork into your home or office. In partnership with the PCC Foundation, a portion of all artwork sales will go to providing scholarships to students in the industrial jobs training program. Artwork will be displayed and available for sale Thursday, August 6 - Saturday, August 15. More about the PCC Foundation can be found here.

The Art of Trade Gallery
915 NW Davis St
Portland, OR 97209
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Joseph Steininger
Joseph Steininger is a Seattle native with a passion for hand cut, multiple layered spray paint stencils, and printmaking. His artwork displays an interest in the balance of fine art and street art. He believes spray paint should be treated with the same respect as other medium, and strives to convince people of that through his artwork. Steininger has been perfecting his skills since 2009, and continues to expand on his ability every day throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Christopher Mooney
After exploring New York in college through many different highly regarded design schools, Christopher Mooney concluded his formal education in Portland, Oregon at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Mooney has art regularly displayed in the Portland Art Museum, and has won several awards for his paintings. He is best known for his paintings of the Portland bridges, but enjoys doing portraits of women, men, and couples as well.

Beth Kerschen
Beth Kerschen has a passion for human creativity. Kerschen’s artwork strives to find the distinctive attributes humans have left behind, typically in historical architecture. She is a multi-disciplinary artist in print making and photography. In 2008, after graduating from Colorado College with a B.F.A., Portland captured her heart. Her portfolio is bursting with Pacific Northwest inspired photography, and photo etching.

Jean Thomas
Jean Thomas’ artistic life started in Southern California before traveling to the University of Arizona to earn her B.F.A in Art Education. Thomas has found a love for art education, but her passion lies with creating bold, impressionistic representations of urban cityscapes, and natural landscapes. She incorporates striking color into every painting she completes. Thomas’ studio art has been displayed world-wide, and in several solo shows nationally.

Kevin Farrell
Exposing the beauty in ordinary things is what Kevin Farrell works to reveal in every piece of artwork. Farrell executes both drawings, and paintings to express his interest for the blue-collared worker, and the urban city. Farrell has displayed art all over the country, and has won awards nationwide as well. He regularly has in art for rent at the Portland Art Museum through their Art Rental Sales Gallery.

Linda Rothchild Ollis
Linda Rothchild Ollis resides in Scappoose, Oregon and focuses on photography in conjunction with technological programs. She attended University of Santa Barbara and graduated with a B.A. in Art and an M.A. in Art Education before moving to Oregon. Ollis now enjoys providing classes for adults on how to combine technology with traditional art elements. She has been a part of the Portland Art Museum’s Art Rental Sales Gallery since 1988, and is also a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

Robin Siegl
One can find this Pacific Northwest native rowing alongside barges and ships in the Puget Sound to capture the innate beauty of the industrial waterfront. Robin Siegl starting began her art career in oil painting in 2006, before exploring both graphic design and charcoal/water based media. She won a bronze medal in 2013 at the Seaport Celebration for her oil painting, and has won many awards prior and subsequently. She currently works in a studio with dozens of other artists on the Puget Sound so that she can be continuously inspired by the waterfront.

Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson prides himself on his ability to uncover splendor in every field of work. He finds balance in his artwork by photographing the blue-collared worker as passionately as one would photograph the white-collared. Although Davidson has been hired by a wide-variety of advertising agencies and corporate firms, he still manages to find time to photograph nature, portraits, and architecture. Davidson is well accomplished in the photography field, and has won two gold medals at the NW ADDY Awards.

Michael Brophy (Laura Russo Gallery)
Realism, sentimentality, and honesty are all captured through Michael Brophy's paintings. He reveals landscapes through paint, and the results are bold. He graduated in 1985 from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where he has also taught. He has been honored by exhibitions in the Tacoma Art Museum and at Willamette University. He now resides in Portland, and continues to captivate audiences by making Oregon come to life on canvas.

Roll Hardy (Laura Russo Gallery)
Roll Hardy went to college in Brooklyn, New York before moving to Rome, Italy to pursue art. After his program ended in Italy, Hardy moved to Portland to obtain his B.F.A. in painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Hardy paints the weathered industrial factories and abandoned buildings across the city. He has collected several awards throughout his career, and has displayed his art at many one-person exhibitions. If you fall in love with his art, you can take it with you; Hardy is a part-time tattoo artist.

Craig Alness
Craig Alness says that his love for visual art began in high school, while he attended school in Hawaii. His primary interests were glassblowing and photography, but through Alness’ college years, he began to focus on photography. Alness captures people at their work, and shows a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to have a career in the trade industry.

Korey Gulbrandson (Gallery 903)
While living on NW 17th and Lovejoy St., Gulbrandson watched as First Thursday became an event. One day he decided he wanted to partake in the street fair, and that was when he began selling his art for a living. Admirers love his tarnished and broken-down style, which gives his art a vintage appearance. Gulbrandson’s primary art style is ink printing, and he frequently uses his hand to complete a piece. When he is not on the street selling art, you can find him in the middle of the woods, contemplating the scenery.

Sidonie Caron
Sidonie Caron studied in England at St. Martins School of Art, and reflects that her worldly adventures helped sculpt her as an artist. She creates landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and mountainscapes from places all over the world. Caron has been exhibited in museums, as well as in one person shows, and has attracted many awards and frequent media attention.

Neal Philpott
Neal Philpott captures sunlight in his art work to display an ever-changing landscape. Philpott says that light transforms an everyday view into something incredible. He focuses on the Pacific Northwest, although he is originally from Michigan. Philpott received his B.F.A from College of Art and Design in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Oregon in 1988. This will be his second showing in Gallery 903.

Sara Sjol
Sara Sjol spent hours in her lecture class at Minnesota State University mindlessly weaving designs between the lines in her notebook. It wasn’t until 2004, that Sjol decided to move to Portland, Oregon, to pursue her dream of being an artist. She describes her art as innovative and bold, and has many awards proving her talent, including a feature in Artslandia Magazine. Sjol works primarily with paper, ink, paint and mixed media. In her spare time, she works as the founder of The Recycled Rain Project; a non-profit that creates artwork incorporating rainwater, to raise money for water-related charities.

Phil Juttelstad
Phil Juttelstad’s work has been influenced by prior training in architecture and related disciplines. His design aesthetic is strongly influenced by the environment of the Pacific Northwest- the skies; the land and the water as well as the regional artists of the Pacific Northwest that have influenced this style. He watches for the hand of man on the face of nature and tries to depict the shapes, planes and spatial relations of the built environment within the atmosphere and structure of this region. His work is primarily the painting of the natural and urban landscape but even his sculpture has a reflectivity of his training in the understanding of materials, methods and structure.