Transportation Projects

Project Area
Terminal 6 Container Crane Modernizations
Terminal 6 Crane Drive Electronics
T6 Crane Drives for Cranes 6380 and 6381
Barnes to Terminal 4 Rail
Kenton Rail Line Upgrade
Rivergate ITS
Terminal 6 Stormwater System
Auto Import /Export Expansion
Terminal 4 Pier 1 Site Preparation
Marine Drive ITS Improvement
T5 Berth 503 Terminal Expansion
Terminal 5 Entrance Road
Terminal 6 Wharf Optimization
Columbia River Mouth Jetty Refurbishment
Time Oil Road Reconstruction
Rivergate Boulevard Overcrossing

Project Area
Alderwood and Columbia PDX/PIC Blvd. Intersection
Cully Blvd. and Columbia Blvd. Intersection
PDX Northside Redevelopment
PIC Ped/Bike Network
82nd Ave./Airport Way Grade Separation
Cornfoot Road Multimodal Safety Improvements

Project Area
Swigert Way Extension
Graham Road
TTD Reconstruct runway 7- 25
TTD Rehabilitate Taxiway A
40 Mile Loop Trail: Blue Lake Park to Sundial Rd.
Sundial Road Improvements
Reynolds Site Road Access Phase 3

Project Area
Terminal 2 Crane Upgrades
PSU ITS Expansion
Terminal 2 Rail Improvement
Dredge Oregon Pipe, Scows and Pontoons

Project Area
HIO Relocate Charlie Pattern Landing Site
HIO Construct East Access Road
HIO Relocate Taxiway AA